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Customized Corporate Office Design & Build Services in Southeast MI

We work with you from concept to completion

Your office space should reflect your business is a positive light. However, more often than not, office spaces are oddly shaped and have features that don’t serve your purpose. An office that falls short of your needs can impact your business. When your employees are in too small of a space, it can make it difficult for work to be completed. At ISM, we are known for constructing office design buildouts that meet the needs and requirements of our clients.

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Your Space, Your Way

First impressions are everything-this includes your office! An office design that has a nice layout, looks spacious, and is comfortable is crucial for any visitors and boosting employee morale. Our team can give you more space and a functional layout that meets your needs while creating a great work environment for your employees. We understand that no two clients are the same and have their own unique requirements. So we approach each project as an individual and will work with you to find a solution that sets you up for success. The ISM team will be able to transform your existing space and make it yours.

Why Choose Us

We understand that a good work atmosphere sets the tone of the company, which is why we offer detailed plans that can help redesign your office space. Our team specializes in custom designs and remodeling of office rooms of every shape and size. We will work with you from the moment we meet to discuss your project and will keep you updated throughout the process. From the design to the build, the ISM team wants your office buildout to be everything you’ve ever wanted. With our experience and expertise, we will be able to ensure that your buildout gets completed on time and within budget.

Whether you need a small renovation or need to expand your space, the ISM team can redesign and configure an office space that’s tailored to you. To meet the team or request a project bid, call us at (248) 362-4950 today.